Established during the 60’s, is a company dedicated, from their origins, to manufacture and commercialize cleaning products .
We are known in the cleaning market thanks to our trademark CISNE, being an important reference in all the international and national Fairs of our sector.
We have recently moved to a new building and our current size is 12.000 built square meters and we still have 20.000 square meters free for further enlargements. So we are getting ready to increase our production and improve the service for our customers.
In 1995, Mopatex, S.A. was the first manufacturing cleaning products firm to be awarded with the ISO-9002 Quality Norm. Following this pioneer pattern, once again, we were the first firm the cleaning sector to obtain, at the beginning of 2002, the certification under the new ISO-9001:2000 NORM

Our products are aimed both at the domestic and professional division.
Our company policy is mainly based on the following pillars: quality in all the fields of activity, excellent service, a wide range of all kind of products and seriousness in all our commitments.
Once we have made a brief introduction of our company, we proceed to show you our wide and varied range of products.

Remaining, as always, at your entire disposition, receive our sincere greetings and our thanks for your confidence.
In Mopatex we take care to the maximum of our product, from its manufacturing process up to the stiff one and final presentation. All this is seen rewarded by the confidence that our clients deposit in the articles CISNE.
Thanks to it, in the year 1995, we were the first company manufacturer of products for the cleanliness certified under the norm ISO-9002. Following this pioneering line, at the beginning of 2002 we have been, again, the first company of the sector certified under the new norm ISO-9001:2000.

Nevertheless, from our beginnings, we have taken the quality as an aim. For it, and being the thread the principal base of our made ones, we take care of its composition and purity from its origins. For it, our purchasing department has personnel dedicated to the search and selection of the raw materials adapted for every scale of articles. And, on them, we realize and control the processes of carving, spun and twisting, obtaining with it a suitable and constant quality.
The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows to realize business us and to carry out transactions with clients and suppliers via electronic, avoiding the support paper and the administrative cost that it supposes. EDI is the electronic interchange of information constructed according to a few standards between different systems of information. In Mopatex we are employed at EDI from 1993, managing with it:

- To improve the quality of the information: the re-codify and record is eliminated from printed documents, avoiding with it work and mistakes.
- To reduce of the technological complexity to standardizing the protocols of communications: It allows that companies that use different systems of information should can communicate via electronic.
- To improve the interchange of information: The time of a transaction diminishes considerably. Besides, it allows to the companies to share plans of manufacture, reducing stocks and optimizing resources.
And since 2005 we have taken a further forward step issuing telematic invoices with digital signature.